1. Any cancellations to the order shall be made before 36 hours of the actual time of delivery to claim refund of the paid amount. No refund shall be made once the 36hr delivery window starts. In case of Courier Products cancellation is not possible if the product is dispatched and Personalised Products once placed can not be cancelled.

2. Cancellation of order shall be made with mail with Subject: ” Cancellation Request” and sent to flocakesindia123@gmail.com

Mail shall contain following details:-

a. Order ID:
b. Cancellation Reason:
c. Refund Account Details:

3. Cancellation shall be initiated after formal order cancellation request is received at flocakesindia123@gmail.com

4. Refund shall be made under following conditions:

a. Order was cancelled.
b. Order was not delivered to the recipient.( This does not include the case for unfounded recipient )
c. If there is any complain regarding the quality of the product being delivered, we will inquire about the same and if it is found to be true, the customer will get a full refund or the product will be replaced.

5. A refund can only be requested in case of service failure, our team will evaluate if an order qualifies for a refund and the decision of our management will be final. The refund amount in no circumstances can exceed the amount paid by customer, we are not liable for any loss or claim beyond the amount actually paid by customer.

6. In case of Cancellation, 5% charge will be applicable.

7. Any discounted or exempted amount can not be claimed for refund.

8. Any extra amount credited to Flocakes.com account may be considered for order enhancement but will not be refundable.

9. In all matters concerning Cancellation and refund Flocakes.com shall have the deciding hand.

10. Flocakes. may amend its Cancellation And Refund Policy from time to time. If we make any substantial changes in the way we use your personal information we will notify you by email or an announcement on the website.

11. If you have any questions/comments about our Cancellation And Refund Policy, please email us at flocakesindia123@gmail.com

  • Flocakes.com offers 100% refund on orders. The Delivery of certain items may not be possible under certain uncontrollable circumstances. Under such circumstances, customer always has the right to get 100% refund of your money.
  • No claim of whatsoever nature under any circumstances will be tenable other than the claim for 100% refund of payment made. All such claims if any, are to be raised within 24 hours of delivery/non delivery.
  • Same day Delivery and Same day Midnight Orders should be place on or before 3 PM (Indian Standard Time). Our morning time slot starts from 8:30am-11am , afternoon Slot from 1pm-4pm, evening Slot 4pm-7pm,  and Night & Midnight Slot from 9:00pm-12:30am.
  • Delivery schedule varies between same day delivery to delivery within three business days depending on the destination city or town. However, in all metropolitan cities we deliver on the same day, within one business days in all major cities & town within two – three business days in all other places.
  • Flower arrangements / Cake / Gifts shown here are indicative. We do our best to give better result than shown. It may be possible that actual arrangement varies due to availability of flowers / Cake / Gifts / Sweets  and other reasons beyond our control.
  • If ordered flowers / cake / sweets / other hand delivered gift items are not available in the respective city or town, we shall deliver the best available quality flowers / cake / sweets / other similar gift items of equal value. We always ensure that full or higher value to our customers in all such cases.
  • Respective Brand owners will be responsible for the quality of product. You can lodge complaints on them through us, if the quality is not found up to the Mark.
  • In case of any complaint against the quality of product, we shall redeliver the product subject to satisfaction of recipient. But all such claim should be raised within 3-4 Hours of delivery.
  • We Deal with Perishable Items and Flowers. After 3 Hours Of delivery, we Don’t Accept any Compliance what so ever may be the condition.
  • Refund can also be made depending on nature of complaint and any decision to refund is sole prerogative of the owner of the website.
  • The owners of the site retains the right to refuse any order unconditionally.
  • All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of local court only in Dhanbad, India.
  • In case of flowers, cakes & sweets (all being perishable items) if the receiver or any representative is not available at the time of delivery, we shall take the order as delivered. However we always try to take an appointment over phone before delivery.
  • Gift items like Chocolates, Dry Fruits, Personalized Gifts are normally dispatched through courier and we cannot guarantee exact time of delivery.
  • Prices of items which are subject to MRP restrictions are being sold on the website after adding up costs of our services, delivery and online transactions cost. The distribution could not be shown separately due to technical restrictions and are taken to be understood.
  • Fresh Baked cakes are available only after 10.30 am from bakeries. Thus fresh baked cakes can only be delivered after that time. In exceptional cases, you may request to keep the cake a day prior in refrigerator and deliver next morning. But we don’t advise this.
  • We do guarantee the delivery on date and we don’t guarantee the delivery on any particular time on special days (new year valentine day mother’s day etc.) We do try to deliver well within your mentioned time but we do not guarantee that. And normally we shall process the order for delivery as soon as possible ignoring your specific instruction to deliver at or before a  particular time.
  • The prices quoted at our website is for FREE delivery within city limits and delivery out of city limits and to villages etc. In case of Perishable Items may attract extra delivery charge between Rs-50 to Rs-200. After delivery of your order we may send a link for you to pay this extra delivery charge, if required. However, we shall not hold or delay your order and assure delivery on required date.
  • The various logos/Trademark backed by product being sold by us on the website belong to respective companies and they are the owner of said Logo/Trademark.
  • Orders received after 4  PM IST shall normally be processed as next day orders BUT we shall try our best to deliver same day. A phone call after placement of such urgent orders will be appreciated.
  • Flocakes.com  reserves the right to refuse delivery of any order without assigning any reason whatsoever to the customer. However, in all such cases flocakes.com will refund the (50%)Amount Which was paid by customer.